Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Dark And Not-Stormy Night...

It was a dark and definitely not stormy, but very smoky night some years ago on Interstate 5 in California. We were driving North from Bakersfield, and discovered that there were no radio stations on the dial worth a listen.

My two good women friends, sitting in the front seat, decided to discuss the popular genre of Women's Literature I think of as "Pirate Novels-Pirates May Be Optional". A quick perusal of most check-out lines will reveal a wealth of these, usually with some impossibly buff guy with 3% body fat stripped naked to the waist, rescuing a woman dressed in gossamer something or other against a moonlit background.

After five or so hours, my subconscious put on the aural brakes, and retreated into a quiet corner where it started playing with ideas. No, not ideas for "Pirate Novels" but notions I'd had for years around alternative histories congealed.

What follows herein is the First Prelude to the Worlds of "The Erudite and Humorous Observations  of Doc Theo in the 21st Century", "The Yenta For Yuggoth", "Squad 17 Bravo: Always on Standby!" and "Dakini Wells, Licensed Tantric Androgyne To The Stars".

Some of these are likely to be audio productions. Most have been derived from random scribbles composed over many, many years, some of them starting just after college.

All of these creations are mine. Misuse of historical characters will gladly be corrected if said figures show up in person and demonstrate a better way to tell this story.

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